Our Training Programs

From Digital Banking & Marketing to Best Practices for Bank Governance, our training programs are designed to upskill your team for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our trainings for operational staff and middle-management:

  • Fintech MasterClass
  • Artificial Intelligence Foundations
  • Digital Banking & Marketing
  • Foundations of Banking – Basic course
  • Foundations of Anti Money Laundering
  • Foundations of Compliance and Risk Management
  • Foundations of Auditing and Internal Control

Our trainings for Managers & Senior Execs:

  • Best practices for Bank Governance: Board, Committees, Management and key departments orchestration
  • Fintech MasterClass for Execs
  • Artificial Intelligence Foundations
  • Implementing a Digital Transformation program step-by-step
  • Managing strategic Requests for Proposals

Our training partners

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