Our Training Simulations

Engage in real-world scenarios with our training simulations, ensuring practical knowledge application.

Banking Simulation:

Our simulation allows participants to oversee a bank’s growth while contending with similar financial institutions, offering a deep dive into the intricacies of banking. While it doesn’t mimic a specific banking environment, it emphasizes pivotal banking challenges and delves into core operations. Through a representative business model, participants’ choices, in conjunction with their competitors’, shape the outcomes. Various reports are generated based on these decisions, enabling participants to assess their strategies and determine the next best steps.


Digital Business Simulation:

DBS is a business game that encapsulates the multifaceted aspects of expanding mobile network management to digital businesses, spanning from technical engineering to operational management and strategy. This simulation recreates a market environment where multiple mobile operators compete and upgrade their offers progressively to digital product and services. Based on a national scenario tailored to local conditions and targeted educational objectives, participants, responsible for managing competing mobile operators, roll out the necessary networks to establish commercial offers.

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